iPad Point of Sale for Restaurants & Cafes


Specialise in Hospitality

Our system is tailored to meet the specific needs of cafes and restaurants. Integrated loyalty programs for coffee, advanced modifiers, table management and more.



Integrated Online Ordering

Receive (paid) orders directly into your Point of Sale system. Your POS menu is directly synced to your online menu. Reduce ordering errors & save your customers time.



Local Support

Being centrally located in Geelong CBD means we can provide prompt on-site support to most areas of Geelong within 1 hour. We are always just a phone call away if you need help.
Geelong Point of Sale

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast

Having a responsive POS system helps you serve more customers in less time. Our iPad POS is so fast, its lightning fast.



Our aim is to make the complex simple. Our POS is so easy to setup all you have to do is…plug in the power cable!

Easy To Use

Easy To Use

New staff can be up and running in 15min or less, its so easy to use.



Your POS is the core of your business processes. You need one that you can rely on and trust will always work.

About Us

Geelong Point of Sale specialise in iPad Point of Sale solutions for restaurants, cafes and bars and pubs. Our Point of Sale solution is built with simplicity at its core. We integrate seamlessly with Geelong’s popular online ordering platform MenuHub to allow your customer to place orders through their mobile phone.

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169 Ryrie Street, Geelong